Seeking a professional to talk to? We offer services to maximize your mental health. Talk to an Escalera healthcare provider to determine the best option for your needs and desired treatment outcomes.


Service Including Medication Prescriptions

We offer full psychiatric evaluations, medication reviews, consultation services, recommendations regarding treatment and prevention, maternal behavioral healthcare, preventative care, and appointments for monitoring progress.

Our expert psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners will complete a thorough evaluation in your initial appointment to assess for a diagnosis. If medications are recommended, your provider will help find the one that works best for you. Anti-anxiety medications can help to reduce or control your symptoms of anxiety and can often take several weeks to reach their full effect. Medication can provide relief of symptoms but does not address the underlying issue. Medications work best when combining treatment with healthy lifestyle changes such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep hygiene. 


Talking to a Professional

We have a team of independently licensed therapists that provide individual, couples, and family therapy. Our therapists address a myriad of conditions including communication and interpersonal skills, changing self-defeating behaviors, relief from mental health conditions, and chronic disease management.

Escalera’s team of licensed behavioral health therapists can assist you in reaching your healthcare goals through talk therapy. Participating in therapy can help you to address underlying worries or fears, relaxation techniques, and how to develop better problem-solving and coping skills. The goals of therapy will be unique to your needs and address lowering your anxiety levels and calming the mind. 

Common therapy patient concerns include, but are not limited to: 




Eating Disorders

Major Life Transitions

Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Escalera Health is here to support you, so reach out now.