Primary Care

The primary care physicians at Escalera Health provide full-spectrum services including routine visits and physicals, medical testing, well-woman exams, chronic pain, chronic disease prevention and management, overall health maintenance, and medical specialty referrals as needed.

Continuing Care

Escalera’s Primary Care team of Doctors (MDs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and Physician Assistants (PAs) work collectively to provide patients with efficient and effective primary care services of the highest quality. This framework allows Escalera medical experts to offer better care and provides patients with access to better health at lower costs.

Our providers address a vast majority of personal health needs and are specifically trained in integrated care, performing a comprehensive care experience to address patient healthcare goals. Escalera’s Continuing Care includes routine check-ups, overall health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, and patient education. Our team has a wide variety of specialties and referral relationships for your healthcare needs, and Escalera’s integrated practice allows for seamless services.

Laboratory Services

Escalera has an in-house draw station in partnership with Accu Reference to provide state-of-the-art medical testing. These laboratory services include a range of diagnosis testing, disease screening and evaluation, and other health condition needs. Providing on-site lab draws enhances communication of laboratory results, diagnostics, coordination of care, and convenience for Escalera patients.

Blood Tests

Well-Woman Exams

Well-woman exams (also referred to as gynecological or pelvic exams) are an important part of female annual healthcare visits. These appointments encompass routine pap smears, birth control, diagnosis, breast concerns, cysts, lumps, cancer, mammograms, follow-up care, and STD screening/testing.

Regular pelvic exams and pap tests are recommended starting at age 21. Routine clinical breast examinations are recommended to begin around age 25. Our providers start referring for mammograms at age 40, every 1-2 years. 

Pain Management

Escalera offers services for patients struggling with Chronic Pain to help alleviate persistent and potentially  debilitating issues. Our medical team provides patients living with Chronic Pain a comprehensive treatment plan to address the physical and emotional components that can be disruptive to day-to-day life.

Our goal is to provide safe treatment, coping skills, improved function, activities of daily living, and enhanced quality of life through holistic care. Whether it is through monitored medication management, referrals to Physical Therapy, or therapeutic services addressing the impact of pain on mental health, Escalera is here to help. 

Escalera Staff NPs
Doctor's Stethoscope

Chronic Disease

Prevention and Management

Escalera Health provides diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses: health conditions lasting more than one year or requiring ongoing medical attention. This includes heart disease, cancer, COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and hypertension. Our Primary Care team of experts helps to maintain patients’ overall health through chronic disease management and guidance with preventative care in addition to addressing common health concerns, and providing wellness visits and screenings. Our service is all encompassing with regularly scheduled appointments, identification of care gaps, and patient monitoring between visits. Escalera Health offers Remote Patient Monitoring for Medicare patients which includes at-home devices that send patient vitals directly to the provider. With screenings and check-ups, Escalera aims to identify risk factors and reduce severity of chronic conditions through early detection. We also rely on referral relationships for any additional healthcare needs beyond our wide variety of specialties.