Escalera Health

The Escalera Health Goal

Physician-led, outcome-oriented service ensuring patients with the highest quality care

We are a private, fully integrated clinic, focused on bringing the best of primary care and behavioral health to you. “Escalera,” the Spanish word for “ladder,” symbolizes our ability to help patients move to an elevated place. In our mission to serve patients with these Escalera Health core priorities, patients see results through improved long-term outcomes, allowing them to continue climbing their personal health “ladder.”

Integrated Healthcare Approach

Our practice, licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Integrated Clinic, combines the seamless blending of two or more modalities of care into one. Our solution is to systematically coordinate any and all pertinent services to produce the most effective treatments and outcomes.

We use one electronic medical record and have regular face-to-face interdisciplinary staff meeting to discuss patient care, outcomes, and safety.

This “whole health” system allows our providers to consider all patient needs – primary care, mental health, and more – to deliver the best holistic treatment. Understanding the all-encompassing needs means customized strategy to maximize each individual’s long-term health. 

Patient-First Care

Formed by physicians with the core value of serving the community and its members, Escalera Health takes pride in valuing the health and well-being of every patient. We are a physician-led, outcome-oriented organization, dedicated to providing medical services that are best for each patient. 

Our practice provides care for adult patients exclusively.

We serve clients with varying insurance and payment options including Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial Insurance, Self-pay, and Self-funded employers. Contact us for more information regarding your insurance coverage at Escalera.