Escalera Health

OLD About Us

We are a private, fully integrated clinic for adults. We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Integrated Clinic – bringing the best of primary care and behavioral health to you.


It is our goal to serve our patients with the highest quality care.

We are physician-led, outcome-oriented, serving our community through integrity and intentional kindness.

Why “Escalera”?
Escalera means “ladder” in Spanish — it symbolizes the ability we have to help our members move to a better, safer place. It is our mission to serve our patients and payors with the highest quality, most cost effective, most innovative Integrated Care system on the planet; increasing patient engagement and improving long-term outcomes.

What is “Integrated Healthcare”?
It is the seamless blending of two or more modalities of care into one. Our solution is to systematically coordinate substance use, mental health, and primary care services to produce the most effective treatments and outcomes. We use one electronic medical record and have regular face-to-face interdisciplinary staff meeting to discuss patient care, outcomes, and safety.

What does “physician-led” mean?
An outcome-oriented organization created by physicians aimed at serving our community and its members first and foremost. Our solid financial foundation allows us to put our clients first over the bottom line.

Who will we serve?
We will serve Medicaid members as well as patients with commercial insurance or Medicare, those who pay for their own care, and employers who are self-funded.